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7 important features to look for in a courier management system

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Neil Patel

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7 important features to look for in a courier management system

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Today, with the successful advent of various E-commerce platforms, courier management systems are gaining significant importance in the logistics industry. A Courier software solution is flexible software that can accurately keep track of the delivery and dispatch operations which collectively nourishes your business operations. Efficiency and productivity are the two most important things to look for in any courier management service. To gain a competitive edge in the demanding market, it is necessary to always be one step ahead. 

 According to a report by Mickensy, it has been realized that 20 to 25 per cent of the consumers are ready to pay a remarkable premium for same-day deliveries. This piece of information hints at the fact that recent developments and enhancements in the courier management system can be taken into a complete advantage, where any logistics or e-commerce company can satisfy the ever-rising consumer expectations by rendering them a quintessential delivery experience. A comprehensive process of delivery efficiency is achieved through deploying the right Logistics ERP Software system to your company. Based on the organization’s needs and its consumer demand, a courier management system can constructively help to achieve its objectives. 

This article is all about giving you functional information and presenting the features to look for an effective, accurate and right courier management system. A robust system contains the following features. 

Here are 7 vital and necessary features of a courier management system:

  1. Last-mile optimization: Courier management software not only helps in the automation route planning but also improves routes on a real-time basis, which in turn results in the shrinkage of delivery turnaround time. This application in the software will be useful in capturing the driver’s understanding of the odometer readings, fuel and power utilization etc. 
  1. Immaculate integration: A sophisticated courier management system must be easy to comprehend, flexible and uncomplicated to use. This helps business operations make room for any innovative changes in order to meet their professional needs. Immaculate integration is essential because it helps in expanding your current system without being too complex. 
  1. Smooth mobile interface: The success of any given application is completely dependent on how smooth and efficient it works on a small screen. A poorly performing mobile application can potentially harm the business by failing to retain users. In a courier management system, it is essential to develop a small screen app that informs the delivery executive with key data regarding the potential and existing orders. 
  1. Resource and send off management: the traditional function of an operations manager in keeping the track of driver’s attendance in a physical format is no longer in play. An efficient Courier Tracking Software system possesses the quality of marking the drivers in an online software-based attendance format. In addition to marking the available personnel, it also helps the company in witnessing their allocation. 
  1. Systematic management: By productively using the data and systematic management, the company will have clear information about the business operations and resource utilization. This system prevents the unnecessary efforts that go into doing the manual work by keeping all the data automatically.
  1. Live tracking of delivery executive: Real-time tracking is yet another important feature in a courier management system that can help the company in maintaining an amicable relationship with the customers. This feature allows the customers to view and track the precise location of delivery agents. This is extremely helpful in case of traffic or other unforeseen issues, real-time tracking will save the time of both customers and agents. 
  1. Systematic reports: In today’s world data is everything and one cannot be left without it. Data renders precise and treasurable insights into the behaviour of customers and delivery agents. By analyzing the evaluating data, companies can easily predict where they are headed, attain insights on decision making in respect to efficient on-demand delivery experience. 

Advantages of an effective courier management system:

Choosing the right delivery system for your company can be beneficial in every aspect, from saving time to getting rid of all the challenges, it can be extremely useful:

  1. Efficient communication with the end customers and the agents.
  2. Helps in keeping track of the agents and their delivery performance.
  3. Digitized proof of delivery can potentially solve the traditional problems of typical delivery grievances.
  4. The Courier management system enhances the overall delivery operations. 
  5. Helps in growing your business by effectively managing time and cost.
  6. CMS sophistication also optimizes routes which in turn saves a lot of trouble and fuel for the delivery executives.
  7. Optimizes supply chain analytics by providing assistance for the problems faced by a logistics operation.
  8. Helps you gain a competitive edge by efficiently forecasting and planning the allocation of resources and customer demand.
  9. An efficient courier management system always ensures that customers have a great time in their buying experience.
  10. Fast delivery and real-time Courier Tracking Software make the above-mentioned benefits readily possible.

Every thriving business organization at the end of the day strives to achieve the best for enhancing the overall customer experience, modern sophisticated courier management system plays an important part in this aspect. The varying and ever-increasing consumer needs of today’s have made the technological advancements in the courier management system achieve heights. 

Throughout the delivery cycle, they are designed to build more engagement, achieve transparency over orders, maintain constant visibility with the delivery agents and establish effective communication. In conclusion, an effective courier management system is just as necessary and vital to an organization as its other valuable business assets.

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